Minimising Internet Risks’ve already seen a number of the risks that can exist on the Internet, but fortunately these can be minimised by a combination of software tools and careful behaviour.

Precautions for maintaining system performance and integrity and maintaining data security include firewalls, software for detecting and disabling malicious programs or malware and e-mail filtering software (spam filters).  While system performance and data security are separate topics, the precautions taken may end up addressing the same issues. These areas are covered in detail in the third section of this course: Maintaining Data Security

Precautions for maintaining user safety include content filtering, proxy servers, monitoring and reporting user behaviour and withholding personal information. It’s also important to use non-trivial usernames and passwords. These issues are covered in the next section of this course: Safeguarding Yourself and Others.

Internet security suites may cover more than one category of threat and can provide a useful alternative to using a range of different software programs to guard against each of the various risks.

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