Internet Security Suites

dreamstime_16843723.jpgAs noted earlier, Internet security suites may cover more than one category of threat and can provide a useful alternative to collecting a range of different software programs to guard against each of the various risks.

A number of vendors (the companies who produce and sell software) provide all-in-one packages known as Internet Security Suites which combine the functions of Anti-Virus, Anti-Adware, Anti-Spam and perhaps offer additional features such as a Firewall or protection against Phishing.

There is some debate about these suites. They are certainly quick and easy to install and keep up-to-date and probably provide all the security required, particularly by home users. However, some people believe that the protection they provide is not as good as the best-of-breed stand-alone applications and they may combine one or two strong applications with several weaker ones.

Major vendors of security suites include the following: (Click on a link to visit the vendor’s home page.)




Click on the following link to find an interesting comparative review of ten Internet Security Suites.

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