Script Viruses

Like macro viruses, script viruses use programming languages present on a system to attack it. Indeed, most macro viruses are VBA viruses.

VBA is Visual Basic for Applications and is the language used by Microsoft for applications like Word and Excel.

VBS is Visual Basic Script edition and is used for scripting in web applications like Internet Explorer. The worm ILoveYou was written in VBS.

JS is JavaScript, a variation on the Java programming language. Unlike the other script languages mentioned above, JavaScript itself cannot be used to harm a system as it works in a “sandbox” or protected area of the computer. Instead, JavaScript is used to exploit security problems in other programs such as web browsers. This is known as a Browser exploit.

JS.Fortnight is a script virus that is spread via infected e-mails.  When an unwary user opens an infected message a hidden link opens and downloads the worm’s body and executes it.

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