dreamstime_14742484Spam is the term used to define all of the unwanted e-mail that takes up space in a user’s e-mail inbox.

This type of junk e-mail is sent to millions of users and is usually designed to sell things to as many people as possible.  Most users will delete these e-mails and may even install a type of software known as a spam filter which can trap suspect e-mails before they get near the inbox.  These e-mails can be automatically moved to a safe area where they can be examined later or even set up for automatic deletion.

The name “spam” derives from an old Monty Python TV sketch:

It has been estimated that 80% or more of all e-mails sent around the world are spam. The people who carry out this activity are called spammers. One way of preventing spam is to avoid giving any personal information away when you are using the Internet, for example, never post your e-mail address on a public forum.  Click on this web site to see what you should do when you want to complain about getting too much spam:

Check this link to the BBC for an interesting article on the Anatomy of a Spam Email.

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