How Spammers Work

dreamstime_5635114Spammers find out e-mail addresses using many tricks, such as guessing popular names and sending mail with images and hyperlinks.  If you open either of these, the spammer immediately captures your  e-mail address because the spam message is a link to their own website.  Spammers will e-mail anyone and as a result spam arrives in most people’s inboxes.

As spammers do not normally carry out any market research, the spam you receive is usually for products and services that may be of no interest to you, like the junk mail that is sent through the post.

Spammers want people to answer the spam and to buy the products advertised.  To do this the subject heading of the e-mail will be enticing, such as: instant weight loss, special medicine offers, free subscriptions, endless competitions, etc.

If you think any of the mail in your inbox is spam, delete it immediately without opening it.  If you do open a spam e-mail by accident, delete it.  Never open any files that are attached to spam as these will more often than not contain a virus.

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