Identity Theft

This is an extremely serious Internet threat which is becoming more common.  The fraudsters use many techniques, such as phishing and spoofing (sending e-mails from false addresses) to obtain information about potential victims.

This highly-confidential information is used to build a portfolio known as an identity document, which can be used to steal or gain access to financial assets.

Identity theft could include the use of someone’s confidential information to order many different credit cards that could then be used by the criminals to buy different products to the limit of the cards.

If you suspect that identity theft has taken place, you should immediately contact

This is the website of the UK authority dealing with the problem of Identity Theft.  There are also International agencies involved in fighting this growing Internet threat.

One area which is often overlooked is the danger that identity theft poses to children. It can be easier to steal a child’s identity than to steal an adult’s. The theft can be difficult to detect as children are not normally involved in financial activity themselves. Often it only comes to light when the child tries to open a bank account or applies for a student loan.

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