Sextortion’ is a shorthand term for ‘sexual extortion’, when online predators of any kind threaten someone and try to blackmail them into either sending explicit photos and videos of themselves or actually meeting in-person to have sex. Less frequently, predators may demand money, favours, or some other kind of compensation in return for not releasing the content.

In today’s world, predators use many different techniques to find and connect with their victims. They might browse through social media, join chat channels, or even try to connect through online games. Any point where people can meet strangers is a place a predator can use to connect with their target.

It usually starts through social engineering or hacking and it’s something which the general public knows very little about. Really, sextortion is a symptom of a much larger cybersecurity issue involving education and awareness. The practice is sadistic, cultivates fear, and exerts torturous control over the victim.  The perpetrator grows stronger and more manipulative as the victim turns over more material, in secrecy, over time. Unimaginable for most of us.

“Sextortion” is a serious issue cascading through the digital world. It has serious consequences for its victims.

BBC report that after being targeted by complete strangers online,  Daniel Perry from Dunfermline was left so traumatised by his ordeal that he chose to take his own life.

‘Exposed’. (CEOP) This 10 minute drama has been designed for 14 to 18 year olds. ‘Exposed’ deals with the subjects of sexting and cyberbullying, issues that teenagers commonly face.

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