Be Cautious with E-Mail

The best way of dealing with e-mails from an address you don’t recognise is to discard them completely. That way, they can’t cause any harm to you or your machine. You should never open an e-mail attachment from anyone you don’t know. The attachment could easily be a virus or some kind of objectionable material – this is one of the most common ways in which viruses are spread.

Many e-mail programs prevent users from opening attachments with any kind of “active” content, ie: anything which runs a program or script which could damage your computer. You should also avoid following hyperlinks in e-mail messages from anyone you don’t know, as they can lead to websites which will infect your system with a virus or spyware and can display objectionable material.

Finally, never reply to unwanted emails. That simply lets the sender know that your e-mail address is genuine and is likely to lead to more unwanted emails in future.


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