angst-802639_640This is a serious crime that occurs when someone threatens to distribute your private and sensitive material if you don’t provide them images of a sexual nature, sexual favours, or money. The perpetrator may also threaten to harm your friends or relatives by using information they have obtained from your electronic devices unless you comply with their demands.

Sextortion is webcam extortion – demands are made for money from you when you engage with unknown persons (potential offenders) who use chat applications, the internet and a webcam. The extortion takes place when the unknown person (offender) persuades you (the victim) to remove their clothes in front of their web-cam and/or perform sexual acts. You believe this to be a private act – but it is not. The offender, unbeknown to you (the victim) is recording everything that you do. Very soon afterwards the offender will threaten you. They may demand money or publicise the video via YouTube or your Facebook contacts

Sextortion is a global problem and can occur anywhere the internet is accessible.

This can have devastating effects on young victims from all walks of life and it is easy to become a victim. Online perpetrators might gain your trust by pretending to be someone they are not.

They lurk in chat rooms and record young people who post or live-stream sexually explicit images and videos of themselves, or they may hack into your electronic devices using malware to gain access to your files and control your web camera and microphone without you knowing it.

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